Bungie confirmed that the highly anticipated game “Destiny 2” will be running at a stable 30 FPS on all consoles. However, they also stated that the PC version of the game will still be running on a higher frame-rate and better graphics. This announcement received a mixed reception from the fans.

60 FPS and potential problems

Bungie’s executive producer Mark Noseworthy stated during his Edge magazine interview that “Destiny 2” could theoretically run at steady 60 FPS on the console. However, doing it could lead to difficult compromises that the studio could just not make.

Noseworthy explained that if they make the game run at 60 FPS, space would be smaller, the game would be less cooperative, and there’d be fewer monsters to shoot. He also added that beyond anything else, their studio’s main goal is for “Destiny 2” to become an incredible action game and that they are content with the choices they’ve made.

He said that they didn’t feel that they’ve been held back by their choices regarding the world simulation versus frame rate. In fact, they believe that they’re offering the player experience the gamers can’t get elsewhere due to the choices they’ve made.

On the bright side, the players who really want the 60 FPS version can experience it through the PC version of the game.

More information on ‘Destiny 2’

Destiny 2” is an upcoming online multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Bungie Studios. Similar to the original “Destiny” back in 2014, the game is played as a first-person shooter that incorporates role-playing aspects and massively multiplayer online game elements. Unlike the original game, “Destiny 2” will feature a more streamlined way of matchmaking called “Guided Games.” This feature will allow the players to search for “clans” that need additional players to complete various in-game activities like strikes and raids.

Like the original game, “Destiny 2” will also feature numerous activities that will be divided among the PVE and PVP aspects of the game.

Like the original “Destiny,” this game will also allow the players to level-up their characters through experience points which can be accumulated through various means like completing quests and objectives given by non-player characters.

The story revolves around the aftermath of the original game. It starts when the Red Legion faction of the Cabal attacks the Last City with a huge army led by the Emperor Dominus Ghaul. Convinced that the Traveler failed to give humanity the Light, the Emperor succeeds in taking away the powers of the Guardians, forcing them to flee.

After the tragedy, the Guardians’ main goal is to acquire new powers to defeat Ghaul and his army of the Red Legion.

Destiny 2” is set to release on September 6, 2017. You can watch its trailer below.