Pokemon Go” is set to receive its next big update that will surely delight all die-hard fans of Pokemon. If the latest information from the data miners is any indication, the Gen 3 Pokemon is coming soon to the popular location-based Augmented Reality Game from Niantic Labs.

Gen 3 Pokemon coming

Based on the newest evidence discovered by data miners from a game code in a recent update, Gen 3 Pokemon will be added in the game soon. The current build reportedly showed 135 names of Gen 3 species hinting that a big update is in the offing.

If this clue is to be believed, it looks like there is quite an insane number of new pocket monsters to catch and will be included in the upcoming update.

It is noted that this Gen 3 Pokemon will be a separate addition from the impending release of Mewtwo in the game.

However, it appears that the information from the game code is still scarce and does not reveal anything about the Gen 3 moves and sound files. So, this big update in the works might still take a month or so before it eventually arrives in “Pokemon Go.”

Notably, the game received the addition of Gen 2 Pokemon early this year and some legendary Pokemon types.

Mewtwo global release

Recent reports state that there have been several signs suggesting that the Pokemon trainers will see the much-awaited global release of the most powerful beast (other than Mew) on Thursday next week when the Legendary Bird Raid event concludes.

If speculations will turn out to be accurate, Mewtwo will be available in the game on August 31.

New updates

Meanwhile, Niantic Labs silently rolled out an update amidst the Legendary Bird Raid event that is extended until August 31. Apparently, the newest update only adds some cosmetic items and several bug fixes.

The most recent update brings “Pokemon Go” to version for Android devices and version for iOS.

It is now available for download on Google Play or App Store.

Prior to this latest version’s release, the game developer also launched a small patch aimed to address a number of bugs in the game. It fixed the Potion Consumption bug that caused the game to freeze when there are plenty of pots at once.

It also crushed the one that affected motivation, where it is so low for some and so fast for the other gamers.

Developed and published by Niantic, “Pokemon Go” saw a phenomenal release as a free-to-play location-based augmented reality game for iOS and Android devices on July 16, 2016.