The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition” finally allows the player to challenge Npcs to a duel with the Draw - A Dueling MOD. “Skyrim Special Edition” is known to have a lot of enemies, such as dragons, monsters, and bandits. The game also features a massive number of NPCs. However, the player is not required to hurt NPCs, especially when the character has a high reputation to a particular stronghold. Hurting any NPCs in a certain stronghold will alert the guards and will put a bounty on the character. The player can be sent to jail, as well as get killed when hurting innocent NPCs.

Due to this, the game's community has decided to create a mod that will allow the player to battle any NPCs in the game without being arrested or killed by hundreds of guards.

What is the Draw - A Dueling mod

The Draw - A Dueling mod for “Skyrim Special Edition” is very simple. Once it is installed in the game, it will be automatically unlocked as a shout. The shout is named challenge, which is a three-word shout. Players will have to use the shout in front of the NPC that they want to battle. After shouting, the NPC will automatically duel the character. However, the NPC should have a bad relationship with the character for them to accept the duel. Using the Challenge shout to NPCs will decrease its relationship to the character.

Due to this, players can expect that several shouts must be done in some NPCs. While in a duel, players can unequip the weapon in character, allowing both sides to battle with bare hands. However, NPCs has a chance on drawing a weapon while in a fist fight. NPCs can also be looted when they are in low health and knocked out.

The NPC's allies will also not help even after the duel is done. This allows the character's reputation to become the same in a certain faction. The fight can end when the NPC get wounded, and the player sheathes the sword. There is also an option to kill the NPC thought it is not a good idea, especially when the game is still not finished.

Other mods that fit perfectly for the Draw - A Dueling mod

There are a lot of mods that runs well for the Draw - A Dueling mod. First is the Immersive Weapons mod, where players can find new types of weapons that are well balanced and stylish. This allows other NPCs to equip different weapons than using the same over and over. The second mod is the Cloaks of Skyrim, which adds over 100 different cloaks. There is nothing more exciting than wearing different cloaks while in a duel. Lastly, the Simple Sacks mod, which improves the overall quality and style of sacks and other containers in the game for a much realistic gameplay.