Have you ever taken a look at "Skyrim’s" world (Tamriel) and thought, “I wish it were bigger?” Luckily (or perhaps not), a team of modders calling themselves Skyrim Beyond has finally fulfilled no gamers’ wishes. Starting July 1st, a new modification to the beloved video game series will make the world even bigger than it already was, because that’s what needed to happen to "Skyrim."

Differences between 'Skyrim' and Cyrodiil

The new "Skyrim" modification (mod for members of the gaming community), will allow fans of the "Elder Scrolls" games access to Cyrodiil, a region the Elder Scrolls Wiki mentions is the capital and physical center of Tamriel.

Unlike the Jarls whom players may be familiar with, Cyrodill is ruled by a series of Counts and Countesses who lord over different parts of the province. The new "Skyrim" mod will specifically focus on Bruma, a region of Cyrodiil.

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma -- new game features

If you’ve already sunk your teeth into the hefty meal that is "Skyrim" or any of the "Elder Scrolls" games, you’ll find that the world is bigger than even that of Tamriel alone. The genius modders at Beyond Skyrim also created a hack that allows gamers to explore the region of Atmora, where Tamriel's original settlers came from. "Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil" updates the feel of the earlier "Elder Scrolls" games, advancing the timeline to refresh gameplay and keep it from getting stale.

New life for Cyrodiil

The new mod focuses specifically on the Bruma region of Cyrodiil. Amazingly enough, the mod doesn’t just duplicate other games like Morrowind where we’ve seen Cyrodiil before. Instead, as PC Gamer mentions, the modders at Beyond Skyrim will introduce new characters, quests, and events when the mod is released on July 1st.

Other mods by Beyond Skyrim

The team has also created a number of other mods that make the world beyond "Skyrim" bigger and better, including one that lets players venture into the historic Aldmeri Dominion. The Cyrodiil mod, on the other hand, plunges players into the heart of a civil war to claim the Ruby Throne. The player gets to decide which (if any) contenders they will support in their schemes to win the throne of Tamriel.

'Elder Scrolls' is history

Amazingly enough, the new addition to the "Elder Scrolls" game also features all-new enemies for players to fight (as in created from scratch). Beyond Skyrim: Bruma is also something of a “fast-forward” for "Skyrim" history buffs, as it begins in the Fourth Era with the demise of Titus Mede, the former Emperor of Tamriel.

Mod launch announcement trailer

The modders aren’t content to stop with the "Skyrim" mod release, either; they’ve also promised future mods that will allow players to explore the coral kingdom of Thras, as well as the forests of Valenwood. The launch announcement trailer for the "Skyrim" mod depicts Cyrodiil as an idyllic but broken place. The video shows beautiful, rolling rivers and lush landscapes contrasted with a narration calling the place “ailing” and “maybe beyond saving.” The trailer also shows the player fighting beasts which look like mutated primates, and boasts of their new region as being 1.5 times the size of the Dragonborn expansion pack.

Other unique features in Bruma Mod

The developers of Beyond Skyrim: Bruma also added in their own unique soundtrack, along with new spells, creatures, and much more. You might want to start training your thumbs and wielding spell books now, as the mod storms onto consoles everywhere on July 1st, 2017.