After a long wait, Bungie is all set to release the sequel to "Destiny." Considered a popular role-playing franchise playable on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the sequel, "Destiny 2" will hit the market this year. The company promised to release the online role-playing game on September 6.

The best part is that a major update will be available for both single-player and multiplayer. There will be revamped worlds and new planets in the game's solar system. Bungie promised power-ups and new character improvements. For all "Destiny" lovers, the long wait for the sequel is almost over

Enhanced gameplay

"Destiny 2" will have an enhanced gameplay with better developments, but the game will retain the same style as the original version.

Players will still get to customize and create a guardian and earn from completing missions. The cinematic storytelling is believed to be excellent, with actors like Lance Reddick and Nathan Fillion's contribution in the new single-player experience.

The game developing company revealed that the story is about redemption and sacrifice. Players will have a new set of missions and combat along with the support for Clans. Another change in "Destiny 2" is that there will be no need to enter a planet's orbit while proceeding to a new location. The update will include a multiplayer map with exclusive armor and weapons.

PlayStation consoles might get the update earlier than the Xbox One. However, all possessions, Guardian powers, currency and Eververse items will not be carried forward to the upcoming sequel.

Gamers will also receive new Honors to recognize their accomplishments from the first game.

Console details and extra features

"Destiny 2" confirmed its release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As for PC gamers, they will need to install the software named "Blizzard’s" The software will support all the updates that take place after the game's release.

There has been no news about the visual upgrades for the Xbox One S and PS4 Pro.

The good news is that the Beta version for PC's is all set to run from August 28t to August 31. The Open Beta version for "Destiny 2" will be available on August 29. The characters in the game will transfer from the original one, but some of its gear in the prequel will not be present in "Destiny 2."

The game's preorders are already out and available for purchase much before the Release Date. "Destiny 2" is one of the most anticipated games in 2017.