The three Operators that will be featured in the upcoming Blood Orchid DLC of “Rainbow Six Siege” have been leaked online. While the downloadable content is not yet available until August 29, several fans have already found ways to get to know the upcoming characters in the game.

Latest leak

On Reddit, a user by the name WhiskersCleveland shared an image of one of the three Operators that will be featured in the upcoming DLC. The single promo image showed only the character and not their abilities. The leak came from a 4Chan user who has a good reputation in leaks related to the game.

After that post, another Redditor by the name tpwpjun20 posted the three images of the three soon-to-be-revealed-operators. Interestingly, the user shared the name and each of the operator’s main ability.

Operators and their abilities

Ubisoft has previously revealed that two of the Operators are from Hong Kong who are part of S.D.U. (Special Duties Unit) While the third is from Poland. One of the leaked Operators is Ying. She is an attack Operator that utilizes the Candela. This ability uses a cluster of flash charges that can be rolled out like a grenade or anchored on surfaces.

Another operator recently leaked is Lesion who is a Defense Operator. His main ability utilizes GU. This ability uses a cloaked toxic mines injected to the enemies.

The toxic chemical damages the enemies and slows down their speed. The third operator is the youngest recruit Ela, which is also a defender like Lesion. Ela’s main ability is the Grzmot Mine. It is a concussion proximity mine that can be stuck to any surface. It causes a dizzying effect and impairs hearing.

The leaked images appear to be legit and seem like they were taken from “Rainbow Six Siege.” For now, until Ubisoft has confirmed these leaked images, it is best to take these with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft shared their plans for the Operation Health in a recent dev post. According to the game developer, they are looking into optimizing and streamlining the memory footprint used for the game’s maps and Operators in the following year. Ubisoft said that the work would involve improvements to the textures, static lighting and improved dynamically.

Aside from those, Sky Models and Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) will also be reworked.

The Operation Blood Orchid DLC of “Rainbow Six Siege” is scheduled to release on August 29 for players who have Season Pass. For those who do not have the Season Pass, the downloadable content will be available starting September 5.