Another real world “Pokemon Go” event is happening in the US, particularly in Akron, Ohio. Apart from the current celebrations and events in Japan, it appears that Niantic has also prepared a special event for the people in Ohio. Here are the details of the Akron Event of the augmented reality game.

Akron Event

Akron is the fifth largest city in Ohio and the home of the University of Akron. Niantic teams up with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to make this event possible. The partnership aims to foster bonds between residents, visitors, and students from the university and the downtown neighborhood using the popular mobile game, “Pokemon Go.” The Akron event will start on August 26 and will run until August 27.

Activities and in-game features

The event will showcase real world features including public spaces to provide as charging stations and seating. There will also be musicians and other activities in the event area. Other activities that fans can enjoy during the event include vendor areas, drawing sessions, and walking tours. There will also be photo opportunities and social media scavenger hunts.

Apart from those, several in-game features that will be available during the Akron event includes increased number of temporary PokeStops in the downtown corridor. These PokeStops will be lined up with a map of local merchants and other places in the downtown. In addition, most of these stops will be connected to the University of Akron and the downtown attractions.

“Pokemon Go” Hub shared the latest statement from Niantic Labs’ Senior Director of Business Development Vikram Grover. According to the executive, The Knight Foundation, University of Akron and Downtown Akron Partnership have collaborated to produce an augmented reality game experience in the city. Aside from promoting bonds, Grover said that it is also one way that attendees could explore the city with other students and local residents in a way that they have never done before.

The excitement is not only confined with Niantic but also on the faculties of the University of Akron. John Messina, UA vice president for student affairs shared his enthusiasm for the event. He believes that the event will be a great opportunity for having fun while at the same time exploring the areas in the city that has a lot to offer.

The vice president is grateful to the Knight Foundation, Downtown Akron Partnership, and Niantic.

Shiny Pikachu and the legendary birds

Meanwhile, after being encountered by several players in Japan earlier this week, the ultra-rare variant Shiny Pikachu is now available across the globe. Niantic Labs also announced the four Legendary birds Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos are back in the game and can still be fought in “Pokemon Go” Raids until the last day of August.