With the arrival of Legendary creatures to the "Pokemon Go" app, many players have taken to the streets in search of these powerful creatures in the augmented reality game. A few days ago, Niantic’s developers introduced Articuno, Moltres, and finally the Legendary Zapdos. However, the company has announced that as Articuno and Moltres, Zapdos will last until August 14th. According to a new video revealed moments ago, a new shiny Zapdos has been beaten by three trainers in Japan.

According to the images in the video, we can see that it is a Legendary Zapdos completely different to the normal one just released by Niantic yesterday.

It is very likely that the new shiny Zapdos just discovered in Japan would have been mistakenly launched by the Company. At the moment Niantic has not referred about the theme, however, "Pokemon Go" players and trainers are very excited about this new discovering.

Next, we will share with you all details revealed about the new video published in Japan and the catch of the new shiny Legendary Zapdos.

The new Legendary Zapdos has been taken down by three players

As reported by the three Japanese players in their video, the new shiny Legendary Zapdos has beaten thanks to the help of many Golems. According to information revealed, the players were at level 40 at the time they faced the powerful Legendary Monster.

The players also reported that they use a Blissey as support. As it can see in the new video, Blissey and Golem Pokemon with double rock move-sets will play an exciting role for catching the rarest Pokemon in the reality augmented game.

Additional information:

New information continues to emerge in the “Pokemon Go” community about the new shiny Zapdos.

As reported by some players, thirteen Golems at level 31, 5 with 15 attacks iv, can take down a Zapdos. It means that three players can take down a Zapdos.

“We simulate with 90% dodge of charge moves only,” said the players. With 75% percent, the number of Golems goes up to 17 which is still three people. The players also said that they run this simulation because despite being only level 34 they got 4 Golems at the Zapdos breakpoint, 1 Dragonite (breakpoint), 1 Tyrannitar level 32.

It is worth mentioning that Zapdos is one of the Raid Bosses in “Pokemon Go”. At the moment, it is not known clear how many trainers are needed the catch of this Legendary Pokemon.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

Watch the video below for more information: