It was supposed to be the biggest event for “Pokémon GO” this year, but the Chicago event went about as poorly as it could have. Things devolved quickly, resulting in frustrated fans suing Niantic after technical glitches left them unable to play the game. The developer also decided to postpone some events in Europe, which in a blog post they said was important “to guarantee the best possible gameplay experience.”

However, things aren’t all that bad. Legendary Pokémon have been released into the wild, and “Pokémon GO” fans found themselves on a beast mode on the days Lugia and Articuno were available.

Moltres and Zapdos came next, and while it kept the hype strong, some players fell into what The Silph Road calls a “raid fatigue.”

Is ‘Pokémon GO’ fair?

Exhaustion from the Raids have spawned threads on Reddit and other social media sites, where players vented out how stressful the game had become because a lot of players don’t want to miss out on anything. Now, fans are calling out Niantic, crying out “not fair,” but a top personality in the community, Nick Oyzon of Trainer Tips, shared a few points regarding the developer’s fairness, opening up the conversation to a larger audience.

Up on Oyzon’s channel is a 20-minute video discussing players’ reaction towards PoGo’s subsequent events. Setting himself as an example, he weighed in on some players’ incredible opportunity of obtaining the game’s most prized catches, as opposed to those who don’t have the means to travel to acquire exclusive in-game perks, referring to Japan’s recent Mewtwo rollout.

In the video, the YouTuber said while he completely understands the feeling of being left out, he argued that whole craze started in Japan, so it just makes a lot of sense why the country gets to have the opportunity to catch the world’s first Mewtwo.

PoGo Trainers: insatiable?

Meanwhile, on Reddit, complaints are also rife, but others were quick to defend Niantic, saying the company is merely “riding the legendary wave” to ratchet the profits up as an organization with shareholders, goals, and employees to pay.

“Niantic is not screwing you over by doing seemingly endless events that you can't be a part of,” writes user myrkridia_. “You are perfectly capable of putting the phone down and doing what's enjoyable to you and playing PoGo or partaking in events when it is most convenient to you.”

It’s worth noting that taking the Legendary Raids away for any period of time will remind us just how hollow “Pokémon GO” is at the core.

Players remain insatiable though, and right now, a petition has gone live at demanding major changes to the raid feature. Over 9,000 players have now signed the petition, which calls for Niantic to allow more free passes to accumulate in a player’s inventory each day.

While waiting for Niantic’s next move, check out Oyzon’s commentary below, and tell us what you think.