Everyone was treated to a bonus-on-everything event a couple of weeks ago – yes, being a “Pokémon GO” player is pretty awesome right now. All went into beast mode when Articuno and Lugia were up for grabs. Initially, players were given two days, then Niantic extended it to three.

Eventually, the developers decided that Articuno would be available for the rest of the week and that Zapdos and Moltres would be released soon after. With all these Legendaries tied to the Raid Battles, players who have struggled to rally up a team are now complaining, and it’s not because of connectivity issues and non-stop crashes.

Rather, they’re dead tired.

Legendary Pokémon fatigue sets in ahead of Mewtwo’s arrival

Pokémon GO” trainers by now are all aware of the Mewtwo rollout “in the coming weeks,” part of a new, exclusive raid system that requires players to beat other Raids before getting invited to the Legendary battle. While the idea is exciting, some fans are less enthused. On Reddit, fans have started lamenting. Nimble as ever, The Silph Road was quick to give advice to those experiencing “Raid Fatigue.”

Niantic fostered a false sense of urgency for each of the legendary birds, so everyone spent an enormous amount of time and energy to reap as many benefits from those weekly releases as they could,” writes TableForRambo.

“I suggest transitioning to a ‘Free-to-Play’ mindset for a couple of weeks.”

'PoGo': stress-inducing

Essentially, what TableForRambo suggests is for trainers to take some time off and reflect on “What makes the game fun for you.” FOMO and anxiety in “Pokémon GO” is real, and a lot of players are affected. And while some took the advice quite well, others couldn’t be pacified.

“My biggest concern is the lack of knowing when we will see these Legendaries again. It could be weeks from now or it could be a year from now," writes user Vindexxx. “I did as many raids as possible because of this. I don't want to regret a few months from now IF they aren’t coming back for a while of 'why did I not do more?'”

Niantic hasn’t addressed these FOMO issues as of now, but things are hot in Japan’s “Pokémon GO” Stadium, where Exclusive Raid Battles seem to last much longer, and give attendees 50 Premier Balls to catch Pokémon. Niantic is yet to announce whether the mechanics will be similar when they debut worldwide, which Eurogamer says will likely take place before the end of August.