As Video Games become more and more popular and are piling up countless of users each day, it isn’t that difficult to find a game that suits your liking. Getting into playing games is easier than ever, but although it’s a relatively passive physical activity, playing the biggest titles becomes a challenge especially if you’re a gamer with a disability that involves your hands.

Unfortunately, the market for specially-designed controllers for people with disabilities is simply not broad enough to support established production costs. Luckily, there are a few good people who have resorted to taking matters into their own hands, and come up with a piece of technology for their particular needs.

A single-hand Joy-Con adapter for Nintendo Switch

After his friend lost the ability to control his right hand, mechatronics engineer Julio Vasquez sought out a way to make sure he’d still be able to play “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” on the Switch, by inventing an adapter that allows the controller to be used with only one hand.

Featured on AbleGamers, Vasquez’s invention can be 3D printed at a local shop and blueprints for the peripherals are available on his Thingiverse page. For the uninitiated, AbleGamers is a charity that supports people with disabilities by creating custom gaming setups including modified controllers and other special assistive technology.

The printout blueprints include a shell that holds the two controllers – side by side – the design based on “Breath of the Wild’s” Sheikah Slate.

The other one slots the Joy-Con together at a right angle. The printed versions have been uploaded on AbleGamers’ Twitter, demonstrating how the adapters work better in one hand than the standard Joy-Con grip.

You can’t see it in the images above, but the side-by-side version actually has some nice etching on the back panel themed after “Breath of the Wild.” While the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers weren’t exactly designed to be held that way, it’s an innovative design, which other designers can take note of so “everyone can play,” as AbleGamers aims puts it.

Nintendo Switch bundle brings a fresh new Joy-Con color

In other Nintendo Switch news, the Japanese publisher has announced a new "Splatoon 2" bundle for North America, though only a single store will carry it.

The Nintendo Switch "Splatoon 2" Edition bundle will be a Walmart-exclusive in North America and is set to arrive on Sept.

8. It will be the first chance to get a neon green and neon pink Joy-Con in the territory. It'll cost $380 (up from the standard $300), and will include the console, a download code, a Splatoon-themed carry case, and those colorful Joy-Cons.