For the past 48-hours, the Pokemon GO world has been drooling over the idea of battling and catching one of the most popular legendary pocket monsters in the Pokemon anime series, Mewtwo. As the moment, a Pokemon GO trainer can only spot the legendary Pokemon in Yokohama, Japan which is the location where the Pokemon GO Stadium event took place on August 14th.

Although it was announced last Monday that Mewtwo would be made available worldwide within the coming weeks, trainers are still left puzzled by the information that Niantic has decided to add Mewtwo raids.

Exclusive raids are the new battle systems that will be added to Pokemon Go once Mewto is available everywhere.

Just like the most of us, you might be wondering, what is an exclusive battle raid and how does it work? Well, Pokemon GO Hub recently published a blog post trying to connect the dots to explian how these exclusive battle raids work.

Raid battles versus exclusive raid battles

Exclusive raids are quite similar to normal raid battles. However, the only way to get an invite is to successfully defeat a raid boss in the exact PokeGym where the exclusive raid will eventually take place. Another prerequisite to get an invite for an exclusive raid battle is if you have completed the first task “recently,” which is, according to Pokemon GO’s Japanese website, within the last few weeks.

Also, another similarity that exclusive raids have, just like regular battle raids are Raid Eggs. As stated in Niantic’s blog post last Monday, Mewtwo will be the first Pokemon that will be made available in exclusive raid eggs but through time, other powerful Pokemon are also expected to hatch from exclusive raids.

In terms of raid reward items, everything would be the same.

From golden Razz Berry, to Rare Candy, to Fast and Charged Technical Machines. So far, the only reported difference is that Pokemon GO trainers in Yokohama, Japan are receiving a ton of premier balls after successfully defeating Mewtwo - 50 premier balls to be exact.

Biggest exclusive raid concerns

Right now, the biggest mystery for exclusive raids is how would you know that a certain Pokegym would eventually hold an exclusive raid.

Remember, one must successfully complete a boss raid before the actual exclusive raid takes place in that same Pokegym. According to rumors, only selected popular PokeGyms would be able to host exclusive raids in order to maximize the accessibility of the game and in order to easily get as many people as possible to join the match.