Niantic has been on the roll lately, releasing various updates in “Pokemon GO.” The game’s popularity soared high following the release of Legendary creatures. Now, the studio is set to introduce a new item.

According to ComicBook, Niantic might be releasing a new kind of incubator in “Pokemon GO.” This was discovered through a recent update the company unleashed recently. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

A new incubator

Data miners were able to acquire information directly from the game’s backend files. Basically, text assets were added to the said files and they refer to a so-called Super Incubator.

This could be a hint that the studio is set to launch a new kind of time in the next update. The said item is believed to allow players hatch multiple eggs quickly. The only catch, however, is that it will break after use. It will also reduce the egg distance through an unknown fix multiplier. In this case, players will most likely get the most out of their in-game credits, as they can easily use it on 10 KM eggs.

If the Super Incubator tends to break after use, then it is definitely among the Premium items in “Pokemon GO.” Players on Reddit suggest that the item can be bought from the in-game store, but no one can give out a specific price. It is worth noting that the text assets added to the game files did not include any image.

So, in a sense, it means that Niantic is yet to be ready to launch it. Nevertheless, it is an indication that the studio is already working on the item’s development phase.

Other hidden codes

Apart from the text assets, data miners suggest that there are still plenty of hidden codes in “Pokemon GO.” For instance, there is a code referring to the existence of Master Balls.

The latter, in one way or another, could offer a catch rate of 100 percent. Meaning to say, capturing Pokemon using it will guarantee a catch. There are also codes hinting at the existence of Incense and Berries variations, though they have yet to be added to the game.

Interestingly, there is an image in the game files that hint at a “Pokemon GO” item called Honey.

It is believed to have an ability similar to that of an Incense. Again, the said items have yet to have official descriptions in the game codes. They are visible in the codes due to their text asses, but as far as their images are concerned, they are still unavailable. Perhaps the most likely item that Niantic will release soon is none other than Super Incubator.