Star Wars Battlefront II” will introduce brand new playable characters in the game. Players will have more choices and better selections among heroes and villains. Aside from the four customizable classes, there is also a new third character class that will be featured in the upcoming game.

Special Characters class

According to Electronic Arts, Special Characters are substantially more powerful than the basic troopers in “Star Wars Battlefront II.” However, these characters do not represent particular individuals like the heroes. As described by EA, the new characters, which stand in between the troopers and the heroes, are unique and powerful game changers.

Among their abilities include breaking stalemates at chokepoints, launching surprise attacks by leaping to enemy lines, and taking out opponents from hiding by flushing them with streaming liquid flame.

Aside from those, this new character class can be re-spawned into one of the special characters from the franchise’s lore using Battle Points collected from combats. Moreover, every character in this class is packed with powerful abilities and weapons.

Four characters under the Special Class

On its official Twitter account, EA shared four of the many characters that fall under this new class in the game. According to the game developer, players can spawn as the menacing Death Trooper, which was first introduced in Rogue One.

These troopers have the ability of set out varying traps to take out opponents. They are the elite variant with Imperial Intelligence of the Galactic Empire’s Stromtroopers.

In addition to the Death Troopers, another character that falls on this Class is the First Order Flametrooper.

The character was featured in the movie installment titled, “The Force Awakens.” The character is a variant of the stormtrooper. However, they are the specialized type that carries with them the D-93 incinerators. With this weapon, players will find it easier to flush out hiding enemies through the sheets of flame.

Joining the list of Special Characters Class of the game is the B2-Rocket Droid popularly known as the rocket or jetpack droid.

These droids have the ability to fly and infiltrate the enemy’s ship. Another character that will soon be featured in the game is the special unit that was only available before to the Rebel alliance, the Wookie Warrior. This type of character can withstand a grenade explosion as well as heavy fire from Stormtroopers. This warrior is equipped with Bowcaster and Grenade Launcher Pack.

Star Wars Battlefront II” will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game is scheduled to be officially released on November 17.