It cannot be denied that “Pokemon GO” in Chicago’s Grant Park became a mess. Players were not able to log into their accounts and play the scheduled activities. Interestingly, it was also the start of the Legendary creatures. Now, players are enjoying the arrival of the special beasts.

But if there’s a Legendary pocket monster that all “Pokemon GOplayers want to experience, it is none other than Mewtwo. With Niantic releasing new special beasts in an interval, it is interesting to know when Mewtwo will arrive. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Mewtwo goes live in Japan

Believe it or not, the aforementioned Legendary pocket monster has gone live in Yokohama, Japan. According to Forbes, the studio released the special Pokemon as an exclusive creature for the event in the Land of the Rising Sun. But during the real-world event, the developers suggested that Mewtwo would arrive in the rest of the world soon. The only catch, however, was that no exact date or timeline was revealed. Again, the waiting game for other players from the around the world continues.

It is believed, though, that Mewtwo will be introduced in a special inclusion in “Pokemon GO.” Unlike the previous Legendary creatures, this beast here will have its own type of raids.

It will be called Exclusive Raids. Players on Reddit speculate that the said Pokemon will arrive alongside the other Legendary creatures this month. If this is the case, then the long wait will soon be over. Players will finally have access other the extremely powerful creature in the entire Pokemon roster.

Mewtwo’s abilities explained

Mewtwo is deemed to be a Psychic type creature in “Pokemon GO.” This is very similar to how it is portrayed on the television. But since Mewtwo is a very powerful creature, it is only understandable for Niantic to give it a different type of raids. The Exclusive Raids, that is. Basically, this raid will require players to complete a raid in the most recent manner.

Most probably, this raid will be somehow near the location of the Exclusive Raid. Niantic, on the other hand, announced before that there would a system informing the players of such events.

If the rumors are true according to The Silph Road, Mewtwo could arrive in “Pokemon GO” come August 25. AS for the actual Exclusive Raids, these are expected to be introduced in the first week of September. With only a few days left, players can anticipate a possible announcement from the studio in the next few weeks or so.