It has been an exciting year for “Pokemon GO,” despite the ups and downs. Still, the controversies and issues did not stop Niantic from rolling out updates for the titular mobile game. In fact, they are set to introduce region-locked pocket monster in a new location.

According to Eurogamer, the studio is preparing to release Kangaskhan to all the “Pokemon GO” fans in Europe. This is a very interesting move, considering how tons of players have dreamed of capturing the creature. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Kangaskhan going to Europe

Niantic announced its move to make the pocket mentioned above monster available in Europe. This is the very first time in history that a region-locked Pokemon will become available in another region. The creature is known for being rare in Australia and New Zealand. The studio plans to release this creature next week, but there is a time limit. The Pokemon will only be available for capture in Europe until August 21. He will become available in Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Belfast, and Manchester, among others. There will also be various cities within Europe’s mainland, though the company has yet to name them.

The cities mentioned above will begin to offer Kangaskhan to all “Pokemon GO” players.

It was also announced on the official blog site of Niantic that there would be an increase of appearance of Pokemon Unown. This reportedly includes all of its various forms, but it is up to the players to unravel them. For those who have yet to acquire this creature, Niantic will be giving them the chance to capture it. This is the time to take advantage of such opportunity, as the Pokemon is extremely rare.

Things are definitely looking good for the fans in Europe.

Niantic facing legal issues

In another report from Kotaku, Niantic is facing legal matter after some “Pokemon GO” fans sued them. They were basically attendees of the real-world event in Chicago’s Grant Park. Unfortunately, the said event became a mess. Players were unable to log into their accounts due to network and connectivity issues.

They were even met with hours-long lines, giving them a hard time entering the vicinity. It holds true that Niantic refunded them for the event’s tickets and $100 worth of Pokemon credit. However, they want the studio to reimburse them for the money they used to buy plane tickets.

It is worth noting that some “Pokemon GO” players even flew from different states just to join the real-world event. Alas, things did not turn out well, leaving them disappointed. As of this writing, the studio does not want to comment on “pending legal matters.”