Blizzard is teasing on several New IPs coming in the future. The unprecedented feat of achieving 46 million active monthly players is an interesting opportunity that the company would like to take advantage of. These active players of the developer’s titles namely “Overwatch,” “Hearthstone,” “World of Warcraft,” among others are actively spending on unlocking in-game content.

Future plans

During the latest financial call of Activision, Blizzard president and co-founder Mike Morhaime shared that the company has no plans yet of taking a break and putting on halt its latest achievements.

In fact, the executive revealed that the company is in great shape now as compared before and they are now cultivating new ingenuities. Furthermore, Morhaime said that there are now dedicated development teams led by veteran game designers tasked to handle these new initiatives.

While the latest news will excite fans of Blizzard’s titles, the executive emphasized that making new titles with Blizzard’s quality on a particular or any platform will consume time. He added that even if they have made a game, but they feel that it does not live up to the quality of the company and expectations of the players, this will not be released to the public. Through the years, the company has a reputation to cancel or sever developments because it does not satisfy them.

One example is the “Titan MMO.”

Clue about upcoming games

While it is still in its pioneering stage, the company may have already revealed several clues about these titles. There are job listings that spilled out of a shooter game is in development. It is possible that it will be a first person shooter game. As for the game’s title, the job will be tough since they have to make sure that it is entirely different from “Overwatch.” Probably, this could be the reason why it will take much time before it is released.

Fans will look forward to the upcoming game that the company will soon release. Blizzard has built a massive fan base by just making quality games over the years. Expect that more details will be revealed or discovered by fans soon.

Meanwhile, more game changes are coming to “Overwatch” with the rolling out of Patch 1.14 in the game’s Public Test Region.

Among the improvements expected in the game includes adjustments to heroes Junkrat and Roadhog. There are also several claims that a possible reporting and penalty system feature will be rolled out to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. There is a lot to watch out for in the future with Blizzard’s interesting plans.