July 6 is finally here, marking the first year anniversary of “Pokemon GO.” Many players believe that an event will be taking place soon. Unfortunately, nothing has been announced by Niantic so far.

The studio never mentioned anything about a first-year anniversary event for “Pokemon GO,” but every player assumed it would happen. Well, almost all titles in the video game industry celebrate anniversaries.

History of Niantic announcing events

Developer Niantic is actually fond of announcing events on the very same day, with April’s Easter-themed event being an epitome.

It was announced on the 13th of the month and started at 1 PM PT on that same day. In addition, both Water Festival and Valentine’s Day were launched on the same day they were announced.

It holds true that some “Pokemon GO” events were announced a couple of days prior to their official launch. But with the most recent events, though, the announcements and launchings happened on the same day. According to Heavy, there is a huge possibility that studio might announce the first-year anniversary event this morning. If this happens, it is likely for the event to start at 1 PM PT (the time when most events of the game start).

Why there might be no event at all

Of course, if there is really no event, “Pokemon GO” players are expected to be frustrated and disappointed.

Considering the fact that it is the first-year anniversary of the game, having no event to celebrate it does not make sense at all. Since it is the game’s first birthday, Niantic must really do something special about it. There are rumors, however, that the studio might opt to launch this event later on this month. This is could be due to an upcoming real-world event called “Pokemon GO Fest,” which will be held at Chicago’s Grant Park on July 22.

This might have kept Niantic busy all this time, resulting in the absence of “Pokemon GO’s” first anniversary event. It is very likely, though, that the studio will pursue this celebration. After all, it is a way for them and the players to commemorate everything that has happened in the past year. More importantly, this event has already been confirmed by data miners, who found a line of code suggesting its upcoming existence.

So far, these data miners have been pretty accurate with their discoveries, with the Water Festival being a significant example. For now, it is best for players to simply continue anticipating. Niantic might just surprise them.