"Defense of the Ancients 2" or Dota 2 is a very popular game on E-sports nowadays. The tournaments make the best Dota 2 players all around the world instant millionaires. Playing the game is also a lot of fun alone and even more fun with friends. What is scary about this game if you're a beginner is the vast selection of heroes. If you decided to get your hands dirty with this game, here are the top five easiest heroes for new players.


Viper is a strong laner with a straightforward skill set. His tankness will help new players stay alive, as they are more prone to skill hits.

Viper is a Hero that you will typically see in the midlane, but he is also a decent support in the top and bottom lanes. Viper's Nethertoxin can change a losing battle into a big comeback. If you're surrounded and is hugging your tower, you can use the tower with this passive to your advantage. In The bloodier the target, the deadlier the viper.


Sniper is a powerful ranged hero, especially when the user farmed really well. He can do very well in all lanes, but he is best seen on midlane where he owns all the creeps. His "Headshot" passive is a great passive as it slows down an enemy, a great advantage if you're not really used to trading shots against another player yet. Sniper's range also levels up each time he levels up.

At maximum level and maximum range, he can safely deal damage even at a great distance. Sniper's "Assassinate" is also great for killing escaping enemies.


Abbadon is a melee strength hero, but he is a versatile character in the Dota 2 game. He has low mana dependence and has short spell cooldowns. You can build him as a destructive force that will lead your team in breaking down towers.

Or you can build him as a support hero that helps your team stay alive while also helping them trade damage at the same time. His ultimate, "Borrowed Time" helps him stay alive and hard to kill by shifting all non-HP removal damage he receives into health.


If you want to start a pure support career, you can use Lich as the starting point.

One of Lich's advantage is the mana management. Lich receives mana when killing a creep. With Lich's unending mana supply and a helluva lot of magical daage, the game would be GG EZ.


Sven's skillset is Sven's is pretty straight forward. His stun is a great initiative for a team fight or a great tool if you're escaping. When farmed properly, you can rip your enemies to shreds by activating "Storm Hammer" and then "God's Strength."