Following the mess in Chicago’s Grant Park, Niantic decided to release the Legendary creatures in “Pokemon GO.” The first special beasts were Articuno and Lugia. Now, the studio is set to release yet another Legendary.

According to GameSpot, the new Legendary pocket monster in “Pokemon GO” has already appeared. It is none other than Moltres, the titular mascot of Team Valor. But unfortunately, there is a huge catch.

The new Legendary creature Moltres

Niantic announced previously that the next Legendary Pokemon in the game would be Team Valor’s mascot.

However, the studio did not mention anything about its time limit in the game. Basically, the special beast is only available for a limited time. Therefore, players must be quick to find and capture this creature. Otherwise, they will not have the chance to own it. It is worth noting that Moltres is among the famous Legendary Birds, with Articuno and Zapdos being the other two.

Similar to the first two Legendary creatures, the new “Pokemon GO” Legendary will also appear in Raid Battles. Players will have to team up with other players in order to defeat it. It is a fire-type creature, so they better prepare their best water-type Pokemon. Only when it is defeated can players acquire the said beast.

But since it is extremely powerful, they must work hand-in-hand; otherwise, they will only be disappointed.

Limited time only

As stated, Moltres will only be available in “Pokemon GO” for a limited time. Niantic will remove the creature as soon as August 7 comes. But interestingly, a new Legendary creature will be introduced afterward.

It is none other than Zapdos, one of the three Legendary birds. It will reportedly appear in Raid Battles come August 7. But like Moltres, it will only be available for a week, as will stop appearing come August 14. Ho-Oh, on the other hand, is already confirmed to arrive in the game. But unfortunately, Niantic does not want to provide a certain release date.

Meanwhile, the studio released a brand new update in “Pokemon GO.” It fixes tons of issues causing disconnection and crashes, most especially in the iOS version of the game. Interestingly, it brought back the missing leader of Team Instinct named Spark. It should be noted that the latter went missing for some unknown reason. It turned out that his disappearance was due to a bug, which the company already fixed. Furthermore, the scheduled European live events were postponed. Niantic will first ensure the stability of their servers and network connectivity.