Niantic is once again on the roll, as they are set to release a new kind of creature in “Pokemon GO.” It is a Pikachu, only that it is deemed rare and different. The studio is set to unleash the Pokemon at a forthcoming computer graphics conference.

The announcement first came from the official Reddit of The Silph Road, a community dedicated to everything “Pokemon GO.” The aforementioned conference is called SIGGRAPH, which will take place in Los Angeles next month. Here is everything about it.

A rare Pikachu

The conference is scheduled from July 30 to August 2, and it is the venue where Niantic releases the rare Pikachu.

It remains a mystery as to what exactly this Pokemon is and what the studio means by the term “rare.” There are speculations suggesting that this special pocket monster is similar to the Pikachu that wears a hat (the one introduced by the studio from an event in the past). Some players, on the other hand, believe it to be a Shiny creature of a sort.

There are also reports saying that the event could simply be about the dramatic increase of Pikachus in “Pokemon GO.” After all, Niantic did it with both Snorlax and Lapras in an event held in Japan. Regardless, this is something that players should look forward to. SIGGRAPH, in particular, is an annual graphics conference attended by hundreds, if not thousands, of programmers and animators, among others.

It should be noted that this event was where Pixar presented their very first animated short back in 1986.

Niantic in SIGGRAPH

As announced, the “Pokemon GO” developer will be attending the upcoming event next month. They will be hosting a panel that will discuss all things related to the hit mobile game. The studio will also reveal details about the evolution of AR (Augmented Reality) technology in the title, something that has brought the company to greater heights.

More importantly, they will unveil the struggles of developing a game played by millions of players around the world. Whether or not they will unearth new features for the game remains to be unseen.

For “Pokemon GO” players who want to attend the event, the tickets are priced at $50. This price range, though, is only good for the event’s exhibits.

If fans wish to attend the full conference, they must be prepared to spend at least $1000. Nonetheless, this conference is worth the money, considering Niantic’s presence and its promise to unveil the rare Pikachu.