Square Enix will reveal a new character this August 7 for the arcade game "Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade." On August 7, the date of the official reveal of the character, there will be a NicoNico live stream that will present new additions including this character. Along with the new addition to the fighter roster for August, the team plans to release another one after a month.

In addition, the silhouette that was presented could hold three or four characters together, so speculations and rumors began to accumulate throughout the internet. However, one silhouette is made sure by fans---and this is a silhouette of Final Fantasy IV character named Golbez.

Fans say it's Golbez

Based on the main silhouette that was revealed, the form is quite similar to that of Golbez in Final Fantasy IV. Twitter user RPG Site posts a photo of the teased character silhouette. Here is the Twitter post below:

Twitter user HDKirin says, "New Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade character to be revealed next week. Looks like it might be Golbez?" with the comparison below:

If the hunch is right, then Golbez may be this month's character on the villain's side. Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade never forgets villains that made the story an amazing path to traverse.

One famous villain is Kefka from Final Fantasy VI with the protagonist Terra Branford. Aside from the horns and spikes protruding from Golbez' shoulder armor and helm, other characters are yet to be unveiled along with him.

By November, all characters that were teased before will be complete.

Hopefully, Square Enix will complete the villain's roster along with the hero's roster. It is also expected that the live stream might reveal some details regarding the PlayStation 4 version along with its online features.

PlayStation 4 port

The arcade version of the game is available in Japan while the PlayStation 4 version of the said game is yet to be released.

This game is entitled Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and it will be coming to the West and the rest of the world next year, early 2018. The same characters and additions are present in the upcoming PS4 version.

In addition, the online features and co-op modes make this fighting game a potential e-sport. Along with competitiveness in e-sports, a friendly atmosphere for both beginners and experts is one of Square Enix's goals.

More information and versions will be unveiled during the live stream on August 7. For now, the waiting game starts until next year for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT comes to PS4 consoles worldwide.