Organizers of the biggest event of the year confirmed that a special “Pokemon Go” spawn will grace the event. The Pokemon World Championships will be held in Anaheim and will start this weekend. As part of the celebration, the region-exclusive pocket monster Kangaskhan will spawn at the event and will be temporarily available during the festivity.

World Championships

The World Championships is the biggest competitive event of the franchise happening every year. For this year, fans will have the chance to test other players’ skills in various video game, trading card and Pokken Tournament.

The augmented reality game’s participation in this year’s event is the appearance of the region-exclusive monster, Kangaskhan.

To be able to participate in the World Championships, players will have to participate in a series of regional and international competitions taking place throughout the year. The biggest prizes will be given to the four major International Competitions held in Europe, North America, Oceania, and Latin America. Participating in the local events also rewards players with points. This year’s World Championships will start on August 18 and will run until August 21.

Other monsters in the area

Aside from Kangaskhan’s participation in the game, another creature will spawn in great number during the event.

In “Pokemon Go,” Tauros is a North-America’s region-exclusive creature while Kangaskhan is an Australia region-exclusive monster. So players who would like to capture these region exclusive monster can go to the Anaheim are to get the best chance of catching these monsters.

Region-exclusive pocket monsters

Previously, the region-exclusive pocket monsters were extremely rare because of their limited spawn radius.

It appears that Niantic Labs has become more lenient with the creatures’ spawning limits over summer. It is worth noting that Heracross has been unlocked in the Chicago Fest. The creature is a Central/South America region-exclusive monster. In a mini-event in Europe, Kangaskhan was also released. The Europe-exclusive Mr. Mime spawns in the recent Pikachu Outbreak event in Japan.

Raid Rewards System

Meanwhile, players of the augmented reality game have aired varying sentiments with “Pokemon Go’s” recent changes in the Raid Rewards System. Aside from the usual Revives, TMs, and Rare Candies, Niantic Labs added Potions, Super Potions, Hyper Potions, and Max Potions to the rewards. The changes were launched at around 7 PM Eastern Time on August 16.

Some players are happy since most of them who frequent the raids are running short on Potions. However, there are several players who are not happy with the changes since they get fewer Revives and Candies which they use to earn in bulk.