Niantic Labs rolled out changes to the Raid Rewards System of “Pokemon Go.” The changes include players earning rewards when they win in a Raid. The game developer has added more rewards from the usual Revives, TMs, and Rare Candies when players beat Raids.

Latest Raid Rewards System

As of 7:15 PM EST on August 16, fans are already seeing new rewards after winning in Raids. Among these include Super Potions, Potions, Hyper Potions, and Max Potions. Despite that the latest tweak is just minor, players are thankful for the latest additions in the rewards.

Players who regularly go on Raids are having difficulty maintaining sufficient amount of Potions. In the augmented reality game, Potions are used to restore full strength of the pocket monsters.

So far, there is no explanation why Niantic Labs made the latest change in the Raids Rewards System. There are reports from players right now that “Pokemon Go” is releasing the potions in sets of five in a random manner. Several players claim to have earned five Super Potions and five Hyper Potions as rewards.

While Niantic Labs has not yet released any information as to the reason behind the latest addition to the Raids’ Rewards System, fans are pleased that somehow the game developer has been hearing their complaints.

On Reddit, numerous players have been requesting for Potions as a reward in the Raids after finding out that Potions can immediately restore their monster’s strength. In addition, the addition of Potions as a reward will encourage players to do more Raids.

Legendary Birds

Meanwhile, Niantic Labs announced earlier this week that Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos are all available in the Raids of the augmented reality game.

The legendary birds can still be fought in the raids until August 31, 2017. While the highly anticipated launch of Ho-Oh in the game last August 14 did not happen, fans are happy to see that Niantic Labs launched Mewtwo. In the Stadium event in Yokohama, Japan the legendary creature was launched as one of the Raid Bosses.

Mewtwo is the strongest Legendary in “Pokemon Go.” And fans all over the world are now waiting for its arrival in the game.

It was previously reported that the game developer has reduced the Attacks, Defense, and Stamina of the legendary creature in order for it to be practically viable for defeat in the Raids. The Legendary adventures of fans of the most popular augmented reality game continue with the Legendary birds and Mewtwo.