One of the exciting features Niantic added to“Pokemon GO” is Raid Battles. It is where players get to team up with each other in order to defeat the bosses. As long as they are successful, they get to earn rewards.

Unfortunately, players are now complaining about the way the rewards work in “Pokemon GO.” Some of them believe that Niantic nerfed the drop rate. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Reward system nerfed?

According to USGamer, players who joined raids claimed that potions were just added to the Raid Battles’ rewards menu.

Although they are substantial in raids, they can still be easily acquired by visiting Pokestops. There are even players who do not give importance to potions. Whenever their inventory is full, they resort to dropping some of these items. It is why many wonder why Niantic opted to include potions among the reward items.

Remember that in the game, “Pokemon GO” players want to engage in raids for top-tier items. These items are also exclusive to the feature, thus they are deemed special. These are Rare Candies, TMs, and Golden Razz Berries. The latter, in particular, is a fan favorite. It helps players capture pocket monsters easier. It is even a must-have whenever they try to hunt down Legendary beasts.

These items fuel players to fight bosses that have combat points worth 10,000 and above.

Why the potions should be removed

Again, potions can be acquired by “Pokemon GO” players through Pokestop visits. They are not even rare, as they can be easily obtained. But somehow, Niantic felt the need to add them in the rewards system of Raid Battles.

The Silph Road Reddit community believes that the studio did this to dilute the top-tier rewards. Because in one way or another, it can replace the high-class items. Think of them as a way to fill the spots in which the top-tier items should have been placed.

The “Pokemon GO” community, however, suggest that a good workaround is to bundle the rewards in Raid Battles.

For instance, a bundle can offer the said top-tier rewards along with the newly-added Potions. Still, this is something that the studio will have to research. Keep in mind that a single mistake in the rewards system can totally affect the gameplay experience in raids. Niantic surely does not want to mess that up. Again, at the end of the day, the studio cannot deny the fact that the potions reduce the drop rates of the high-class items. This is definitely lackluster, in one way or another.