Just a few hours ago, Niantic has just announced the addition of Moltres to legendary raids. So here are several Tips And Tricks in order to catch your very first Moltres

Best counter attackers for Moltres

Obviously, you can tell just by looking at it, Moltres is a fire type Pokémon. If you are a fan of the Pokemon series or a veteran Pokemon GO player, you’d know that rock type Pokemon are the best counters for the legendary pocket monster. Aside from rock type Pokemon, Moltres also takes a good amount of damage from water and electric types.

Best rock type counters

There are four rock type Pokemon that you can use to inflict huge damage to Moltres. The counter that you can use is a Golem with Rock Throw as its quick move and Stone Edge for its charge move, this is super effective against fire types with a 100% damage of 1,488.

Aside from Golem, you could also use an Omastar, but make sure it has the legacy move set of Rock Throw and Rock Slide. Now if you don’t have a Golem on your Pokedex or a legacy Omastar, your next bet would be a Tyranitar or a Kabutops both with Stone Edge at its charge move.

Best water type counters

The best water Pokemon that has both water type quick and charge moves is Vaporeon. A strong Vaporeon with good individual value or IVs with Water Gun and Hydro Pump has a 100% damage of 1,362.

Just like Vaporeon, Feraligatr has the same set of moves and is very effective in countering Moltres. Their main differences are Feraligatr has a higher defense at 197 compared to Vaporeon’s 177, on the other hand, Vaporeon has better stamina at 260 while Feraligatr is only at 170.

Best electric type counters

Jolteon is currently the best non-legendary electric type attacker in Pokemon GO in terms of CP.

With a max CP of 2,730, Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt as it's quick and charge moves, you can’t go wrong including Jolteon in your legendary raid lineup. If you don’t have a quality Jolteon on your dex, you can opt for a Lanturn with Charge beam and Thunderbolt or a Magneton with Thunder Shock and Zap Cannon.

Best Moltres move set

Moltres' best move set is Fire Spin and Overheat and it could actually beat some of the Pokemon listed above(especially Magneton who's also a steel type) with just one hit. Also, if you do get a Moltres with Fire Spin and Overheat, you are in luck as the move set is currently in the top 5 best attacks in Pokemon GO.

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