Much to the delight of "Pokemon Go" players who have restlessly been waiting to get their hands on Moltres, Niantic has confirmed that the Legendary bird is now up for grabs. Lining with this, players have confirmed that sightings have begun.

Next legendary Pokemon is coming

If reports of the Pokemon's sighting on The Silph Road and social media are anything to go by Team Valor mascot and Fire-type bird Moltres have already made an appearance in the wild. Apparently, the creature is headed to raid battles as indicated in earlier reports.

Following in the footstep of Lugia and Articuno, Moltres becomes the third Legendary Pokemon that Niantic have introduced in its hit augmented reality mobile game.

The first sighting was reported in Bellevue, Washington; however, Forbes' contributor Dave Thier claims he has not bumped into one in Philadelphia.

It's worth noting that currently, Moltres is making an appearance alongside Articuno. In other words, you have an opportunity to get your hands on the Ice-type bird if you already haven't until now. It is imperative for players to bear in mind that they will be out of time soon.

In his report, Thier says he noticed an Articuno with 50 minutes still left on the timer, meaning, the bird can be expected to be around for that long at worst.

How to beat these creatures?

Beating these monsters is no child's play. There are always a couple of factors. Before anything else, you need to assemble your Pokemon.

Moltres is defenseless against Water, Electric, and specifically Rock since it is a Fire and Flying-type creature.

This implies that the fan-favorite Vaporeon could turn out to be one of the most dependable common Pokemon, alongside Ampharos, or Jolteon if you're on a roll. As far as Legendary counters are concerned, Golem had spawned before and Thier believes it should prove advantageous here, and even Tyranitar or Omastar if outfitted with rock attacks.

It remains to be seen whether or not they have some sort of proneness to unanticipated move sets.

More importantly, you should concentrate on assembling the team either by keeping your own friends or using a local social media group in order to organize a particular area and time for the raid. Those who prefer to improvise can adopt a few ways to enhance their chances of tracking down friends.

It is recommended to arrive towards the finish rather than at the start of the event citing the dearth of raid eggs for final preparation, the probability of even twenty "Pokemon Go" players showing up as soon as the raid kicks off are still low.

The chance of getting your hands on the creatures before it leaves drastically increases towards the end. People are more likely to show up for raids held in denser places and those that take place after regular school/business hours. After two weeks, Moltres will be ousted in favor of Zapdos, the Electric-type bird, so get out there and start hunting.