Pokemon GO” is now back on the news and on the rankings of Android and iOS app stores. This sudden uprise of “Pokemon GO” is an effect of a recent PokeGym rework done by Niantic, in an attempt to make Pokemon battling more fun and engaging for its players.

'PokeBattler' has made a list of the best counters for different raid boss Pokemon that is currently featured on PokeGyms as of the moment. Levels 1 and 2 are considered “solo-able” raids and are not as hard and complex to beat compared to level 3 and 4 raids. So, here are the best Pokemon counters for each tier 3 PokeGym raid boss.


Arcanine is a fire type Pokemon and the best usual counter for fire types are, of course, water type Pokemon. However, 'PokeBattler' lists Rhydon with a move set of Mud Slap and Earthquake, Golem with either Mud Slap or Rock Throw as its fast move and Stone Edge or Earthquake as its charge move, while Donphan should have Tackle and Earthquake. The reason as to why water type Pokemon are at a disadvantage against a raid boss Arcanine is the possibility of it obtaining Wild Charge.


Best Alakazam counters are dark and bug type Pokemon. On the list of best counters is Tyranitar with dark type moves Bite and Crunch, Houndoom with Snarl and a charge move of either Crunch or Foul Play.

As for the best bug type counter, PokeBattler lists Scizor with Fury Cutter and X-Scissor.


Fighting-type Pokemon are at a huge disadvantage against flying and psychic type Pokemon. Flying-types such as Dragonite with Dragontail, Outrage, and Charizard with Air Slash alongside either Overheat and Fire Blast as its charge move will do the job.

Psychic-type such as Alakazam with fast moves Confusion or Psycho Cut paired with Future Sight could deal a sizable amount of damage as well.


'PokeBattler' suggests Tyranitar, Dragonite, and Houndoom against Gengar. Tyranitar’s dark move set Bite and Crunch will be a good counter against ghost type Pokemon but be careful if the boss raid Gengar has Focus Blast as it is super effective against rock and dark type Pokemon.


Grass-type Pokemon are the perfect counters for raid boss Vaporeons, as they tend to deal more and take less damage against water types. An Exeggutor with Bullet Seed, and Seed Bomb or Solar Beam combo would be perfect, as well as Venosaur and Victreebel with both Razor Leaf and Solar Beam.


The best counters for Jolteon are rock types and in fact, they share the somehow the same exact list to Arcanine’s best counters. The only difference is, an attacking Golem should have Mud Slap for its fast move and Earthquake for its charge attack.


'PokeBattler' lists Rhydon, Golem, and Omastar as the best effective counter for a raid boss Flareon as not only are they effective in drawing offensive attacks but also have double resistance in taking damage from fire type attacks.

A Rhydon or Golem with Mud Slap and a charge move of either Stone Edge and Earthquake is ideal. Rock and water type Omastar with Water Gun and especially Hydro Pump would cause a huge amount of damage also.