Exactly seven days ago, we have reported here in Blasting News several unverified rumors in regards to Niantic releasing Gen 3 this coming September. Although many reports deem that a Gen 3 release next month is bleak, it seems Niantic has some other plans in mind.

Gen 3 is here, well almost

Today marks the first sign of Gen 3’s arrival in Pokemon GO, as several codes have been added in the app’s recent data mine update. There is a total of 135 species in Pokemon’s Generation 3, and every one of them has been added to the game, as well as 73 different candy families.

Although these are all the information we have right now for Gen 3, we can expect further clues to be added by Niantic with each update, just like what it did with Gen.

Also, it took more than three months since the first clues of Gen 2 was found in Pokemon GO’s data mine, before Niantic was able to release the Pokemon earlier this year.

New incubator coming!

The new game codes also feature further details of the speculated Super Incubator that was recently found in Pokemon GO’s text assets. The new Super Incubator allows trainers to hatch their PokeEggs at a much faster rate as compared to the other two incubators we currently have in the game. Additionally, Niantic has also redesigned the present incubators in Pokemon GO, as well as providing an in-game icon for the new Super Incubator.

A little bit more patience with Exclusive Raids

Pokemon GO trainers who are already itching to get their hands on Mewtwo might just need to wait a little bit longer. As several codes were added into the game that is related to exclusive raids. However, the codes seem only to depict what the raid might look like in the game. Other raid updates include several bug fixes to Raid or Spawn Timers, The Lobby and Raid Network issues.

A new batch of Shiny Pokemon

Niantic has also added several codes in the game's data mine referencing to Shiny Pokemon. There's no word as of the moment which specific Pokemon would undergo the Shiny treatment. Nonetheless, it is confirmed that Niantic changed or added several sparkly effects on the way these Shiny Pokemon might look in game.

Efficient search system

A new search feature was found in the apps data mine as well, giving trainers the benefit of looking for specific Pokemon using its move set. This would make life easier for trainers to look for a Pokemon with the best quick and charge attack to counter any defending raid boss.