The “OverwatchSummer Games 2017 is still in full swing as players continue to compete in Lucioball while trying to collect as many skins as they can. So far, the event seems to be a bigger success than that of last year, judging by the various new features Blizzard decided to put in. For those who still haven’t unlocked any skins, they can opt to buy them with in-game credits instead before the event ends. In line with this, some fans may be worrying when the “Overwatch” Summer Games 2017 will end.

Last day for the event

As of now, players don’t have to worry about the Summer Games 2017 ending anytime soon as Blizzard usually makes long events for their games.

According to, the current event is slated to end on August 29, meaning that players still have a week or so to enjoy the ongoing festivities. While we might be parting with the Summer Games soon, October is also fast approaching, hinting at another returning event. Halloween Terror was a major hit last year, so there’s a big chance that Blizzard will be bringing it back with better features this time around.

As for September, on the other hand, we’ll most likely be getting the new Deathmatch game mode along with the other character buffs. Luckily, the said mode also comes with a new map, Château Guillard, which reportedly has some juicy lore details on the French sniper, Widowmaker.

Season 6 competitive mode

That aside, competitive players are also wondering when the current season will end as it has been ongoing for some time now. During this season, we’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff like the dive composition, Roadhog nerf, and the highly-anticipated arrival of the Talon member, Doomfist. According to, Season 5 will officially come to a close on August 31, which is just a few days away from the end date of the “Overwatch” Summer Games 2017.

Unfortunately, the current season was notorious for the sheer toxicity along with the many “one trick” players that rely heavily on one hero to boost their ranks. It’s unclear what Blizzard has in store for the next season, but it’s definitely something to look forward to. Since they’ve been working on taking the report system seriously, hopefully, we’ll see fewer trolls and abusive users in the next competitive season.

Players who competed in S5 will be rewarded with CP (competitive points) according to their rank. Those in Bronze will earn 100 while Grandmaster players will make 3000. This special in-game currency is used to be golden weapons and nothing else.