Each “Overwatch” competitive season is a new experience as they have all brought some amazing strategies and new characters to mix up the meta. The previous seasons focused on tanks with a heavy reliance on the Support hero, Ana. However, things have changed in Season 5, and it’s been a pretty wild experience. So far, Blizzard has yet to reveal just when they plan on ending S5, but with September coming, there’s a chance that we only have a few weeks left to reach our desired rank. Let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable moments in this current “Overwatch” season.

The Dive Meta

Possibly one of the most hardcore team compositions, S5 introduced the Dive meta which emphasized on speed and power. Unlike Season 3’s Tank meta which was very slow, we’ve seen some extremely fast games over the recent months. Ever since the Winston buff, he’s been a popular pick, with teams building their compositions around him. D.Va rose in the spotlight yet again because of her movement abilities while the Reinhardt pick rate finally died down. Similarly, heroes like Genji and Tracer finally got some attention, while supports like Lucio and Mercy overpowered the almighty Ana. The dive meta has been pretty problematic, but there’s no denying that it’s been one of the most complex team compositions so far.

Rise of Doomfist

Just recently, we’ve finally gotten the Offense hero, Doomfist in both the Quick Play and Competitive modes. This powerful character can decimate his foes with his alternate fire, Rocket Punch while blasting them with his Seismic Slam and Rising Uppercut. He’s been a pretty feared hero for his ability to kill others in one hit if they connect to the wall.

Since his release, many people have been requesting for another Support hero to balance out the roster. Maybe his addition to the game will prompt for a new Support character in the sixth “Overwatch” competitive season.

Roadhog Nerf

Previously, the Tank hero could easily one-shot squishy heroes after hooking them. Many people used this strategy to easily climb up ranks until Blizzard finally decided to tone down his damage.

In exchange for his power loss, Roadhog received a faster firing rate and an additional clip. This still wasn’t enough to fix the “Overwatch” hero, and his pick rate dropped dramatically. Luckily, the developers have been working on ways to improve his survivability and hopefully get him back on the meta. For now, however, it seems like Roadhog won’t be getting much love for the rest of the season.