Overwatch” has gotten a lot of cool, new game modes over the past few months because of the Arcade Mode that was added in last year. Aside from seasonal events, we’ve also gotten modes like Total Mayhem, No Limited, and Capture the Flag. In line with this, a new developer update reveals that we’ll be getting a new game mode that will focus on getting kills rather than capturing points or escorting payloads. Similarly, Blizzard is also making a new map for this upcoming "Overwatch" mode.

Deathmatch announced for 'Overwatch.'

Game director Jeff Kaplan originally mentioned in BlizzCon 2016 that they had no plans of making a Deathmatch mode in the game.

However, things have changed, and with the help of the Arcade, they’ve decided to bring it in finally. Unlike the average Quick or Competitive Play, this mode focuses solely on killing which is great for those hardcore FPS fans. Even so, tanks and supports still have a big role to play in the upcoming Arcade mode.

There will be two plays for this game mode that will focus on the individual and team structure. The Free-For-All will pit eight players together in a Battle Royale-esque type of match wherein all of them will compete to get 20 kills the fastest. There will be no teammates to support you as your performance here will be purely based on skill alone. Meanwhile, the Team Deathmatch is the typical 6v6 mode where the winning team must secure 30 kills first.

It’s probably best to have a Mercy here as her ultimate ability can actually take away points from the opponent.

New map coming soon

Aside from this new mode, Blizzard has modified several maps to match the overall tone and play style. While they haven’t specifically mentioned what these “Overwatch” stages are, they range from assault to escort maps.

Also, they’ve also decided to craft a special new map just for Deathmatch called Château Guillard. This stage is dedicated to the Defense hero, Widowmaker, and gives more insight into her lore and backstory. Kaplan mentioned that there are tidbits about her past scattered across the stage, along with what she’s planning to do now in the story.

The game director hasn’t mentioned when they plan to bring over the Deathmatch to live servers, except that it will be patched in “soon.” Although, if you own the PC version of the game, you can download the PTR (Public Test Realm) and test out the new mode there. “Overwatch” is now available to play on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.