Cats are all the rage these days. The internet’s obsession with cats has long been established and while a lot of people want to own cats, there are a few others who want to be one. If you are one of them, here’s your chance: “Deadly Premonition” and “Dark Dreams Don’t Die” (D4) creator Hidetaka Suehiro, also known as SWERY65, announced via a sneak peek for the Fig First Look Club mailing list his upcoming new game, titled “The Good Life.” It’s Swery’s first game from his new studio, White Owls.

What is ‘The Good Life’ all about?

The upcoming Rpg is set in the fictional English town of Rainy Woods, a nod to Swery’s “Deadly Premonition,” the game’s working title.

The game’s protagonist is called Naomi, a New Yorker who discovers the town’s “very bizarre secret.”

Wondering how one town can be populated by eerily happy residents, Naomi discovers that everybody transforms into cats at night. She becomes a feline herself too, and once the sun sets, the player gets to collect items and decipher clues throughout the game.

According to the creator, “The Good Life” will inherit the “spirit” of “Deadly Premonition,” but with a gameplay which he describes as a “daily life RPG.”

Swery takes a jovial turn

To judge by the one piece of promotional art so far, the tone in “The Good Life” seems a lot cheerful than “Premonition.” But with Swery, you’ll never know, especially given the bizarre tonal shifts in the still uncompleted – and likely to stay that way “D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die.”

Back in April, Eurogamer sat down with Swery to discuss his new studio and his upcoming projects.

The auteur was tight-lipped, but said via translator that he and his team were working on something "perverted, violent and crazy."

Little is known about the upcoming slice-of-life cat RPG, although to most of his fans, it’s a common knowledge that he’s been attempting to make a game that’s set in England for years, following his visitation in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, where the publisher for “Premonition” UK lies.

This is the first official announcement from White Owls, the newly independent studio started by Swery last November. Previously Swery had stepped down from his role at Access Games due to personal health issues.

The Fig campaign doesn't launch for another two weeks, but you can sign up to be notified when it does. It's set to go up as soon as Swery's done giving his panel at PAX West on September 2. Until then, more details about this mystery RPG will remain a, uh, mystery.