The Spectator Mode of Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter title is getting major changes, and they include a Full Replay system. Aside from this, more things are being developed by the game developer in order to improve and boost this mode.

During the Gamescom 2017 at Cologne, Germany, popular “Overwatchstreamer Brandon "Seagull" Larned got the chance to talk with the game’s principal designer Scott Mercer. The interview was very informative as it sheds light about the highly requested improvement in the game’s Spectator mode.

Upcoming changes

In eSports, one of the essential parts that spell a massive difference is the presence of the spectating camera. Popular MOBA titles like “League of Legends” and “Dota 2” has this element in their Esports. However, this becomes a challenge to FPS titles designed to be seen in a first-person perspective, but have to show the full context of both six-player teams.

From Seagull’s interview, it appears that Blizzard is heading to improve the mode by creating a full spectating system with the use of an overhead camera. According to the principal designer, they are currently working on a lot of things for the mode. Among this includes replays in the game’s camera work. According to Mercer, replays are cool for eSports broadcasting as it provides instant replays.

Aside from that, Mercer also mentioned about the potential of adding various team colors to further differentiate the squads in the arena.

Numbani Map

Meanwhile, numerous players have been frustrated with the recent bug that they encounter while playing in the game’s Numbani Map. According to the players, the bug, popularly known as the Match Reset, is a game-breaking exploit.

The growing complaints reveal that while playing on the map, the game would stop, then crash and will send an error message to the display. Typically the error indicates that the server closed because an unexpected error occurred. After that, the game will restart and will swap the teams to the other side. This means that the Attackers and turned into Defenders and vice versa.

After that, the first fight will begin and the game would crash and restart again.

The bug is also called Infinite Loop since the cycle goes on until every player is kicked from the game servers. There are also reports that claim that the bug would sometimes start the game in a totally different map that is not anymore Numbani. The unfortunate thing about this bug is that it kicks the player out of the game servers. This could make the players appear as early leavers and could have their “Overwatch” accounts banned.