Numerous players in the “Overwatch” community have been recently complaining about a game-breaking exploit. On various social media outfits and even in the game’s forum, it appears that the latest bug has been causing the players’ frustrations.

Latest issue

Just like any other game today, Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter title is not perfect and has been experiencing issues since its official release. Sometimes players discover bugs and glitches that restrict them from fully enjoying the ideal gaming experience of playing the title. However, recently, several players have discovered a bug in the game that is not just frustrating but causes the game to completely break.

The issue is about Numbani map, which according to complaints is crippled by a game-breaking exploit. Popularly known as the Infinite Loop or the Match Reset bug, the complaints reveals that while playing the map, the game would crash and will give the players an error message saying that the server closed because of an unexpected error. After the error message appears on the screen, the game will restart and will place the entire team on the other side. In other words, if the player is playing as attackers, after the reset, he becomes a defender and vice versa. After that, the first fight starts and the game restart again.

The loop goes on until every single player is kicked from the game servers.

Sometimes the game kicks the match to another map, which is not anymore Numbani. When the players get kicked from the servers, they are tagged as early leavers. This error is often experienced when players use exploits in other maps. So far, it is still not clear if there is really a bug in Numbani. It is also possible that players are just abusing an exploit on the said map.

Other details

Currently, players who were able to experience the error message are frustrated with the situation that is ruining their “Overwatch” experience. The complaints came from players using PC and PlayStation 4. It is still unknown if Xbox One players encountered the same issue. The recent exploit in the map has a massive effect, especially in the competitive matches.

If players are kicked while in the competitive matches, they could be penalized with massive SR or they could be reported and get banned. Pro player Cloud9’s Mendokusaii has experienced the same issue in the middle of a stream. You can check out the clip below.

Meanwhile, Game Director Jeff Kaplan recently announced that the reporting feature of the game is now coming to consoles. It will be released alongside Patch 1.14, which is currently on the “Overwatch” Public Test Realm.