Blizzard revealed today the new Escort Map that will soon be released in “Overwatch.” Junkertown is set in the post-apocalyptic outback Australia. The new map was revealed at the Gamescom and was jestingly introduced by Junkrat and his fellow junker Roadhog.


The new Escort Map in “Overwatch” according to Blizzard is situated in the cruel and taxing Australian Outback. The place is built from the remnants of a destroyed omnium. Junkertown is described as a place where lawless scavengers popularly known as the Junkers dwell. These Junkers are led by their cutthroat Queen.

The place is also known for its colossal gladiatorial arena called Scrapyard. Combatants fight for glory, riches, and to survive in this arena. Junkertown is also known as the home of the game heroes’ Junkrat and Roadhog. You can check out the video of the upcoming map that will soon be released in Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter title.

New video

The duo stars in the new short video released by Blizzard to introduce the map. The local persona non grata, Junkrat, and Roadhog set up the scene around the map. The duo portrays a funny act where Junkrat acts as a silly man and Roadhog a straight man. In the video, it was revealed that these Junkers were kicked out of the Junkertown and Junkrat could not remember the reason.

The pair is shown scheming on a plan in order to get back in, which involves explosives and cash.

Aside from those, it was also revealed that the player will have to escort a payload full of cash and explosives to its destination. The final point of the payload will be right outside the Boss’ place. In the video, Junkrat can also be heard saying the Queen.

So far, the identities in the map are not yet revealed and fans are only limited to information available in the video.

Other details

Blizzard production director Chacko Sonny recently confirmed that Junkertown is an Escort Map. It will be the last objective type without a new map. The map is playable right now on the show floor at the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

This new Escort Map will most likely be added to the game’s Public Test Realm a week after the Gamescom.

Several days ago, the news about the new map in “Overwatch” surfaced earlier than its scheduled reveal. A dataminer shared the voice lines that he discovered in the game’s PTR, which suggests that the map is most definitely arriving. The voice line belongs to Athena as she welcomes the player to Junkertown.