The latest reveal from NetherRealm has sent out mixed reactions among fans of “Injustice 2.” While some are excited to get their hands on Hellboy, others are not happy with Raiden’s inclusion in the game.


One of the highlights of NetherRealm’s presence in Gamescom 2017 is the reveal of the Fighter Pack 2. Aside from the Fight to Death showdown, fans have been waiting to see the next DLC characters that they can play in “Injustice 2.” Even though the game developer has not yet provided the release dates of the upcoming characters, the reveal itself received mixed reactions from the community.

One of the most disliked characters coming soon in the game is Raiden. The “Mortal Kombat” character has been hinted a couple of months ago, and most likely the hype has already died. It is also possible that the character is just not anybody’s favorite character from the popular arcade fighting game. Some fans claim that the lighting-powered fighter is not Static Shock. Others are questioning the gaming studio for including him instead of getting characters from DC Universe who has similar powers.


Some fans are adamant about Hellboy’s inclusion in the roster of characters in the game. Among the reasons for others not liking him is that he is not from DC Universe. It is true that Hellboy has been seen with Batman and other DC personalities.

However, the fact remains that he is Mike Mignola’s creation and in any way not affiliated with DC originally.

Other fans are excited about the arrival of the fan-favorite World Destroyer. Aside from his colorful language, fans love him for being cool and at the same time downright brutal. Some inactive players expressed interest in playing the game again with Hellboy’s arrival.

Black Mantra

The character has been teased several times, and so far players are generally positive in terms of reception. The release of his gameplay has been hinted in the latest trailer released for the game. Black Manta is the only DLC character in this pack that is from DC Universe. Most likely, he will be the first character to be released.

The trailer hinted at a potential August 27 gameplay launch and a September character release. This is further backed by the press release issued by NetherRealm Studio.

Injustice 2” Fighter Pack 2 will be available for purchase starting September 12. Meanwhile, you can check out the latest trailer released earlier at the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.