Doomfist is most hyped hero in the history of “Overwatch.” In fact, among all the heroes ever introduced in Blizzard’s first person shooter title, he is the only one whose voice was auditioned for by a popular actor—Terry Crews. With great anticipation, he was excitedly welcomed by the community who cannot wait to get their hands on the rocket-punching hero. However, recently, it turns out that the fan-favorite character has become the most complained hero now.


Several complaints raised by fans about the most hyped “Overwatch” hero. It appears that players are not happy about Doomfist’s skills, particularly his Rocket-Punch.

Many players believe that this skill makes the seismic slamming hero overpowering. Collectively, here is the rundown of the things players hate about Doomfist.

Players complained that the number of game characters he can one shot is unbelievable. In other words, anyone who is not a tank can be easily taken down with a single Rocket Punch. This is a big problem for characters in the game with low mobility healing like Ana or Zenyatta. Aside from that, players also complained that the hero’s Rocket-Punch’s cool down only takes 4 seconds, which means that it is easy to spam since it is a high-reward and low-risk move.

Aside from those, some players also pointed out that Doomfist’s kit makes him highly mobile in dodging and escaping attacks even if he is vulnerable.

Moreover, the seismic-slamming hero does not need to make a headshot to kill his opponents. With the expansive cone of impact his Rocket-Punch can do, he can freely go through hurdles.

Players also complained that Doomfist is hard to track in team fights. In the middle of chaos, the hero can single-handedly hit attackers and one shot healers with his enemies almost not seeing his attacks.

Moreover, players find that the damage boost, when plowed by Doomfist to the wall, appears to be unfair. According to them, they have observed that it adds another layer of positioning that enemies have to use against the hero.


Meanwhile, fans right now are mourning for Roadhog. It appears that Blizzard is still unable to make the hero function ideally.

Players have been complaining about this hero for several months already. Previously, the game developer promised that the highly awaited adjustments will be rolled out soon. Fans are looking forward that it will arrive sooner.

In other “Overwatch” news, fans are now waiting for the commencement of the 2017 Summer Games. Apart from that, they are also excited on the event-exclusive arcade brawl—Lucioball.