As Update 2.4 is inching closer to its official release in “Elite Dangerous,” Frontier Developments revealed the release dates for the Closed And Open beta, including the details regarding the content available during the testing.

Closed and open beta schedule

In its most recent newsletter, Frontier Developments announced the release date of the beta for “Elite Dangerous” Update 2.4, which is coming in the third quarter of this year. The closed beta will kick off on August 17, with access to be provided to players who availed of the beta privileges earlier.

It is not known, however, how long the closed beta will run and when it will end. But the game developer said that it will halt for several days and will go live again as an open beta.

Beta won’t spoil surprise content

Avid gamers of the definitive massively multiplayer space simulation title might have already known that Update 2.4 has more narrative focus in contrast to other updates in the past. It is noted that players will see a different way to receive the content that will be introduced in the next update titled The Return.

In its desire not to spoil the secrets of the incoming Thargoids, Frontier Developments confirmed in the newsletter that the beta will not have any of Thargoids content to keep the element of surprise.

The development team will release complete instructions on what they need for testing in their particular beta forums.

However, players who participate in both open and closed beta will get a "unique tester’s decal, " but additional information will be announced yet.

No regular livestream events

Another way of keeping the Thargoids content under wraps, fans cannot expect to see regular livestream events prior to the official release of Update 2.4, “The Return.” The livestream will be back once this new content is launched.

According to the game developer, there will only be a snippet of teasers from time to time. That’s because it wants that gamers uncover these secrets by themselves.

What’s revealed so far

The Return will reintroduce the players to the insectoid alien race, Thargoids. This race first made an appearance in the original “Elite” game released back in 1984.

In this incoming update, all the Horizons pilots will get a direct contact with Thargoids, whose number in the galaxy remains unknown. So, players will have to map out a plan to unite, fight, and defend themselves against a common threat with their weaponry and armor.

The story-based Update 2.4 will be released in Q3 of 2017. Since the beta is set this August, it is very likely that it will be live in the game next month.