New information about “OverwatchSummer Games 2017 have been recently discovered through data miners. After the release of Doomfist in the game’s live servers, many details about the summer event of the game have surfaced.

Latest data mined

On Reddit, a user by the name Yernemm has recently shared his latest finds from data mining Blizzard’s first person shooter game. Among the details he discovered are references to “Overwatch” Summer Games 2017 including loot boxes and cosmetic items. According to the Redditor, these cosmetics could be Beach-themed and since there are no Olympic Games this year where the developers can derive inspiration from, the beach concept would seem fitting for the event.

There is also an image that revealed that the event will feature 40 new cosmetics. Last year’s cosmetics will also be available, giving other players the chance to avail it if they had not participated in the event last year. Aside from those, the term Soccer has been marked several times in the datamine. This in a way confirms the previous speculations about the return of Lucioball in the game along with the summer event.

Other details

While the datamine has revealed information about the Summer Games returning, there are other interesting finds that the Redditor has uncovered. Among these includes a string that remarks on the potential report system rolled out for the console version of the game.

The new reporting and penalty system have been recently implemented in the PC version of the game, and rolling the same on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is the much-needed improvement the users have long been waiting.

Previous reports

A few months ago, there were reports of data mined details revealing sound files that players linked with the Summer Games 2017.

A few days ago two new sound files were discovered and were also linked to the summer event. Reportedly, the files are the sound when the brawl screen is loading and the other one is the sound during the brawl.

The crash logs of Patch 1.13 when it was in the game’s public test Region was discovered to have a title, Doomfist/Summer Games 2017.

While Blizzard remains silent about all these leaks, speculations, and data mined details, it is becoming more apparent that the summer event is definitely happening in the game soon. Fans can expect more details about the “Overwatch” summer event to start hitting the web in the next days. It will be just a matter of time that Blizzard would most likely announce the event.