Blizzard released Doomfist in the game’s live servers a few days ago. Interestingly, a new leaked image claiming to be the next “Overwatch” hero is now making rounds online. While the impressive leaker provided in-depth details about the next hero, many fans are calling it fake.

Latest leak

The latest leak allegedly came from within Blizzard. An image of an anime-looking heroine was posted on Imgur yesterday by a user under the name BlackwatchFiles. The user claim that the information came from the game developer’s team. According to the leaker, the next character that will follow Doomfist will arrive in “Overwatch” in December.

She will specialize in defensive skills and will be named Psyren. The leak is an in-depth explanation of the hero’s abilities as well as her backstory. Her weapons were also shown in the leaked image.

New heroine

The image that reportedly illustrates the 26th game hero looks like a cross between Sombra and Symmetra. According to the leak, she is a 29-year-old scientist named Alexia Galanos who was previously affiliated with Blackwatch. She loathes the Omnics who was responsible for her mother’s death. For her ability, she is allegedly a defensive character with several tank capabilities and a sword that can be thrown at opponents. There are many details on the heroine’s attacks, attack time, specials, point numbers and her backstory.

BlackwatchFiles shared that the community should have known at this point that the previously leaked characters Ivon and Bria are not real characters. The leaker went on saying that Hammond, Liao, and Athena are real characters that will be introduced as non-playable characters.

Fans reactions

The latest image is being hotly discussed in the game’s forum.

Most of the players admired the effort of the leaker for putting all the details together. However, they are doubtful about the genuineness of the leak. Several pointed out that the character’s bio is excessively linked with Reaper and Sombra’s intrusion of LumeriCo but she is not mentioned as a part of the famous Talon organization.

Fans also noticed the art of the character. It appears that her design is not really what the people at Blizzard would regularly produce. Noticeably, Psyren’s description is overly in-depth and excessively long, which is very unlikely of the game developer’s culture. No hero ever introduced in the game yet that has this lengthy description. The latest leaked images and text, for whatever it's worth is interesting. If this is indeed fake, the effort and dedication in pulling this off are very impressive.

Meanwhile, fans are waiting for more information about Summer Games and Lucioball. A few days ago, Xbox One revealed three Lucioball achievements that were found in the Doomfist update. With the crash log revealing that Patch 1.13 is titled Summer Games/Doomfist, and with Doomfist already available on all platforms, it is but a matter of time that fans will hear more about this summer event in “Overwatch.”