Lycanroc is almost here. “Pokémon Ultra Sun” and “Ultra Moon” is going to have this brand new Pokémon for their next 3DS installments. The Pokémon Company has recently announced that the new type of wolf Pokémon will soon make its debut.

The game is scheduled to release on Nov. 17, and pretty much like “Sun and Moon,” the “Ultra” games will also be set in the tropical Alola region. Of course, the storyline will be different, and there will also be critters that did not appear in the earlier installments. US “Sun and Moon” players are set to receive a free Salazzle from select GameStop stores later this month.

Coming back to Lycanroc, the official game website states that the new Pokemon won’t be obtainable via ordinary methods.

Lycancroc a touch catch

Thus, discovering Lycanroc, the mysterious critter, in the wild is out of the question. The new form is known as the Dusk form, and it will be obtainable only in “Ultra Moon” and “Ultra Sun.” Players are incredibly upbeat about this third variation of the wolf Pokemon. Earlier, obtaining a form depended on the version being played. According to GameSpot, Rockruff evolved into Lycanroc’s Midday Form in “Sun.” In “Moon,” the puppy Pokemon changed to the Midnight Form of Lycanroc.

Receiving Salazzle

As already mentioned, a special Salazzle will be distributed soon for “Sun and Moon.” The Pokémon will be available only when a player evolves a female Salandit.

Salazzle is a unique combination of poison/fire-type, and it comes handy against a number of opponents. Its Corrosion ability can poison even the immune poison and steel types. Salazzle’s attacks are Sludge Bomb, Flamethrower, Fake Out and Toxic.

The Pokémon is known for its capability to inflict damage at a rapid speed. “Sun and Moon” players can survive a fatal hit with Salazzle because of a Focus Sash that comes with it.

Trainers will also get a special code card from select GameStop stores from Aug. 14 to Sept. 4 to secure a Salazzle.

Zapdos can be captured

Meanwhile, in “Pokémon GO” news, it has been revealed that players can in fact capture Zapdos. However, trainers have to work out the strategy using certain Pokémon. Knowing the Legendary's weaknesses is a must.

Golem can inflict maximum damage to Zapdos because of its Rock Throw, and Stone Edge moves.

In this week’s Legendary Raid, Tyranitar is also an excellent choice for its Stone Edge move. Rhydon’s attack properties are also worth considering. Zapdos has an Aug. 7 release in North America.