The “OverwatchSummer Games are making their return soon along with all the previous content. Those who hadn’t gotten a chance to play it last year will be able to experience the same festivities along with a few added features. Game director Jeff Kaplan has recently shared a developer update teasing all of the cool new stuff and changes to the upcoming Lucioball arcade game.

What to expect in the ‘Overwatch’ Summer Games

According to the recent developer update, Kaplan mentioned that all previous cosmetics will be making their return this year. The cool thing here is that you’ll finally be able to purchase them through coins, unlike last year.

Moreover, all previous content will not have inflated prices meaning that legendary skins will now cost 1000 credits instead of 3000.

The 2017 Summer Games will also include 40+ new cosmetics items which can also be purchased but at the standard event price. Kaplan teased that characters like Junkrat and Mercy will be getting some new skins, so that’s something to look forward to.

Lucioball makes a return with a few changes

Lucioball was a major hit during last year’s “Overwatch” Summer Games. Here, players face off in a 3v3 match where everyone’s Lucio. The main objective is to push the ball on the opposing team’s goal while using his various skills. Some players used some shady techniques to win last year, so Blizzard has decided to mix up the controls a bit.

Firstly, Lucio can no longer push an enemy wish with alternate fire. Similarly, his ultimate ability no longer pulls the ball towards him. Instead, it grants him a major speed boost and seems to reduce the cooldown speed of his alternate fire.

With these changes in place, fans will no longer be able to hide behind the enemy goal, push the goalie, and use the ultimate ability to pull the ball in the goal.

That aside, the Rio de Janeiro map will be making a return, but Kaplan stated that they will also include a new Sydney stadium in the map rotation. The 2017 Summer Games will also include a second competitive mode which centers around Lucioball. There will be placement matches and you can earn a spray for participating. Moreover, if you manage to earn a spot in the top 500, Blizzard will reward you with another special spray.

The “Overwatch” Summer Games will officially launch on August 8 which is next week. Look forward to more teasers and announcements along the way. Blizzard will also be releasing a formal announcement trailer on the day of the event.