Overwatch’ held its first event last year in line with the Olympics 2016 held in Rio de Janeiro. Officially dubbed the Summer Games, players had the chance to unlock loads of new cosmetics while playing an arcade brawl known as Lucio Ball. The Summer Games was the layout for future events to come ranging through Christmas, Halloween, Chinese New Year, and even Uprising which was the very first lore event. After recent datamining, fans have supposedly discovered that Blizzard might have plans to release the event again soon, as per PVP Live. Here are some things “Overwatch” fans would like to see make a return to the Summer Games.

First set of unlockable items

One of the things Blizzard did differently for the first Summer Games was that players couldn’t purchase cosmetics using coins. Because of this, many fans lost the opportunity to purchase a specific skin, emote, highlight intro, spray, and the like without having to purchase loot boxes that still had no guarantee on which items they were going to get. Luckily, Blizzard added the option for this during the next event, but event items had a higher cost. Seeing that “Overwatch” Summer Games will be making a return, Blizzard should bring back the old cosmetic items to allow old and new fans to pick their favorite content.

A new arcade brawl

Lucioball was quite successful when it was released so there might be a chance that Blizzard will bring it back in the game.

A previous leak which was reported by a Redditor claimed that the PTR patch had statistics pointing to the mini game. Those who weren’t around during the first “Overwatch” event will be able to try the 3v3 arcade mode where Lucios rushes to push a large soccer ball across the map to the enemy’s goal. This mini-game comes also with an alternative set of controls for the DJ so as to keep the game in check.

More cosmetic items

Just like with each event, “Overwatch” gets loaded with a new set of cosmetic items for players to collect. Aside from unlocking the previous items, Blizzard should also put in some new skins for certain heroes. Many fans are still hoping for their “main” characters to get some love and the Summer Games seems like the perfect event to pack in some new Legendary skins for certain heroes like Sombra, Ana, Doomfist, and Reaper.

Blizzard has yet to reveal the return of the Summer Games or any upcoming event. For now, fans will just have to wait for more details about any upcoming “Overwatch” events.