The farming game, “Stardew Valley,” has gained a solid fan following since its release. In the game, players take the role of their own avatar who inherits their late grandfather's Farm. You can grow crops, go fishing, mine for rare minerals, mingle with the townsfolk, and even get married. While the base game itself packs plenty of content, the developers have finally shared details about its upcoming Multiplayer mode. You’ll be able to share the farm with your friends along with some other cool tidbits.

‘Stardew Valley’ gets social

A Chuklefish developer recently posted on the official “Stardew Valley” blog who shared the initial details about the upcoming multiplayer feature.

He claimed that they’ve already pinned down the various technical issues, so they’re confident about the current features they have so far. Once the multiplayer update patches in the game, Robin will offer to make up to three cabins on your farm. Each cabin will basically act as the base for your friends who are called “farmhands.”

These farmhands have almost free control over their actions as they can farm, mine, fish, forage, fight, marry NPCs and partake in festivals. Moreover, everyone will have their own inventory which can be managed through a chest in their cabin. Take note that only the main player can decide when to sleep or end and start festivals. One cool thing here is that multiplayer is on an invite basis and will not require a server.

Other features

Aside from this, Chucklefish is also looking into player-to-player marriage. While they’re still smoothing out the kinks, this feature won’t require the mermaid pendant for proposals. Instead, they’re planning an alternative method to court your friend that still requires the same amount of effort like when wooing an NPC.

Despite the new features, Chucklefish doesn’t have any plans for local multiplayer, split-screen, and PVP.the main challenge for “Stardew Valley” multiplayer has been trying to synchronize multiple games over the Internet. Because of this, the developers have tinkered with almost every source file and they’ve also rewritten 15,000 lines of code.

So far, they’ve working on fixing the UI and menus, events and festivals, multiplayer NPC relationships, and implementing farmhand cabins. They plan to start a beta test for this feature around the end of the year. Hopefully, the multiplayer will officially launch on early 2018 so players can begin farming with their friends.