A new gameplay trailer of “Star Citizen” has been revealed at Gamescom 2017. The gameplay trailer shows the 3.0 version of the space game. There are a lot of things that were featured in the trailer, making everyone very excited. Cloud Imperium Games, which is the developer of “Star Citizen,” also showcased a very interesting feature in the title. It is the real-time facial animation system, which made the game very realistic.

What are the new features in 'Star Citizen' 3.0

In the gameplay trailer of “Star Citizen,” Players can see that the character starts getting off from the bed.

Cloud Imperium Games also said that the 3.0 update brings a new customization system where players can dress up their character in any style they want.

They also showed a new style of the MobGlas, which now has the ability to track atmospheres and the character's heart rate. It also features the contact manager, where players can select different types of missions. The MobGlas is also considered the home screen of the game.

The gameplay video also shows a new style of interaction, where players can look around for highlighted objects that can be interacted. The running system in the game is also improved where the speed can be changed through mouse wheels. Players are also amazed in the voice system, where players will not be able to hear each other as they got farther away from one another.

One of the biggest features in the 3.0 update is the facial animation system. In the gameplay video, fans can see that the game automatically recognizes the face of the player, which is tracks into the game. The tracking of faces also has no delays, making it a real-time face tracking. Cloud Imperium Games also shows new landscapes that the character can discover, which looks harsh and very dangerous.

The 3.0 update delayed in September

Cloud Imperium Games confirmed that the 3.0 version still has some bugs. Due to this, they decided to delay the release of the huge update in September. There is no exact date of when is the release date, though they are confident that they will be able to release the 3.0 update early in September.

It is worth the wait as the gameplay video shows tons of amazing contents that will be added very soon.

Cloud Imperium Games has been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks as they show how they are capable of bringing a sci-fi game to the next level. They also managed to make “Star Citizen” as the highest crowdfunded game in the history, which earned over $157.9 million.