Blizzard Entertainment has been constantly updating “Overwatch” to maintain in-game balance. According to a report by DOTeSports, some heroes have been subject to nerfs, which is always a hot topic among the “Overwatch” community.

Rocket Punch ability, bugged or nerfed?

There is no doubt that Doomfist is one of the most hyped heroes to arrive on the “Overwatch” roster. Doomfist's Rocket Punch deals with massive damage. It is probably Doomfist's most dangerous ability. Rocket Punch is a dynamic ability, and Blizzard appears to be struggling to get it right.

The aerial Rocket Punch ability of the hero Doomfist may have received another nerf. An “Overwatch” player discovered the changes through the game’s PTR (Public Test Region). When Doomfist usually uses the Rocket Punch, it travels around 20 meters, but the nerf changed the reach to 15 meters.

The latest 1.15 Patch notes that were released on August 24 only listed the major adjustments to the heroes Mercy and D.Va. The Doomfist Rocket Punch ability was not included on that list. Some players also claim that it is just a bug and not an official nerf. Some player’s experience that the distance traveled is not consistent, and the speed of the Rocket Punch is also irregular.

Major changes in 1.15 patch

On the latest 1.15 Patch, Mercy’s Resurrect ability can target a single player, instead of every player within the radius. The target radius is reduced to 5 meters, and the cooldown is 30 seconds. Players should be more cautious because Mercy is no longer invulnerable when the Resurrect ability is active.

On the other hand, D.Va’s Energy drain ability has been doubled, which means that the effective uptime for the ability has been reduced by 50 percent. D.Va can now use Fusion Cannons even while flying. Blizzard also added a new ability to D.Va called Micro Missiles.

Micro Missile ability allows D.Va to launch a long salvo of small rockets that explode on impact.

D.Va can also use Micro Missile ability while using her other abilities or fire her Fusion Cannons. D.Va is a defensive tank, and the purpose of the update is to make it more effective when moving offensively, especially when using boosters to push forward.

D.Va’s new ability launches 18 pieces of Micro Missiles, with the rate of 11 shots per second. According to PCgamesN, the Micro Missiles go wherever the player is looking, so if the target is moving, players can easily adjust their aim.