While "Overwatch" players are waiting for highly-anticipated Summer Games event, there are a lot of leaks and rumors being spread all over the internet. The new event will bring a lot of new cosmetic items to the game, including victory poses, sprays, highlights intros, and skins. Last year's Summer Games event was a big success for Blizzard as "Overwatch" players loved it, and the game developer is trying to achieve success once again.

First, players were teased with the return of Lucioball, the arcade game mode a lot of players enjoyed last year.

Blizzard confirmed this rumor, saying they will be bringing the mode back to the game. After that, there were a few leaks about the new skins in the game and the most recent leak included the new Mercy skin.

New Mercy skin

Just a few hours ago, Reddit user bata12 posted an image of the rumored skin. The user claims the image comes from Blizzard China as it's a promotional picture for the event. However, the game developer has not confirmed nor denied this rumor.

Considering that we will get a lot of new cosmetic items, this Mercy skin may as well be included in the new update. Furthermore, game director Jeff Kaplan said Mercy will be getting a new skin, and this will most likely be a legendary skin.

The skin has an Ancient Greek theme, which has a lot to do with the Olympic Games. Last year, Blizzard released Summer Games event just before the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, and this year we will have another link to the Olympics.

Fortunately, "Overwatch" players will be able to buy the new skins, as well as the old ones from the event.

The new legendary skins will cost 3,000 in-game credits, so make sure you save the credits if you'd like to acquire the new Mercy skin.

There are a lot more amazing skins that were released during last year's Summer Games event and Blizzard will allow players to buy those skins as well. The good news is that the old legendary skins will cost only 1,000 credits, giving players a great chance to obtain some skins they missed on last year.

Summer Games event

Summer Games event will start in just a few hours and it will end on August 29.

Last year, Blizzard added 12 new skins to the game for the event, so "Overwatch" players are once again expecting a lot. Considering that there are more heroes in the game now, including Doomfist, it won't be surprising if the game developer releases even more skins than the last year.

Furthermore, players will be able to level up and even earn competitive points in Lucioball!