Xbox One achievements for "Overwatch" revealed that Lucioball will most likely return to the game this summer. This is a special arcade mode and is nothing like rest of the game. This mode was first introduced last year during the Summer Games event and players enjoyed it.

While this is a good news for "Overwatch" players, these achievements probably indicate that the Summer Games event is very close. Last year, Blizzard started this event on August 2 and it lasted for three weeks. Considering that August is just around the corner, we could expect them to start the event in the next few days.

Beside Lucioball, Blizzard will most likely once again add new skins, emotes, player icons and other cosmetic items that will be contained inside special loot boxes. If you didn't acquire a Summer Games item from the last year, you will probably be able to get it once again from the loot boxes.

What is Lucioball?

Lucioball is a special mode where two teams play soccer with Lucio. Each team consists of three Lucios and the hero is modified so he can't deal any damage or heal. Instead, he uses his abilities to push the ball into opposing team's goal. Using Lucio's Soundwave and melee attacks, players can hit the ball and "kick it" towards the goal, and his ultimate ability pulls the ball towards him.

Each game lasts for four minutes and after the timer runs out, the team that has scored more goals is a winning team. Players can perform different kinds of moves during the game, such as jumping and wall riding.

Xbox One achievements and Lucioball

The latest "Overwatch" update added three new achievements on Xbox One. There is no reason for Blizzard to add these achievements unless they are going to have another Summer Games event, so we can expect it to happen soon.

The first achievement is called Lucio Hat Trick and it requires a player to score a ball, get an assist and get a save in a Lucioball game. The second achievement is Safe Hands and the requirement for unlocking it is getting three saves with Lucio in a single game. At the end, there is an achievement for scoring a goal with a shot taken from at least 3 meters in the air and it's called Volley.

It is important to note that these are new achievements for the game, not the ones from the last year.

This isn't the first time that Blizzard has leaked an event in the game on Xbox One as they did it with Uprising event in April this year. "Overwatch" players found some interesting data on PTR a few weeks ago which led most players to believe that we will get the Summer Games event and Doomfist in the same patch. However, it seems that the event will come a few days after the release of the newest hero in the game.