There are different types of gamers all over the world and some of them would want to purchase their Video Games legitimately. Others do not have that kind of luxury, which would lead them to pirate these games in order to play. Here are the Advantages of buying the legitimate ones and some of its disadvantages.

Advantage: Bought a game legally

Buying a video game from a video game shop will put you at ease because you got it legally. If someone accused you that you got your video game through illegal means, you can always show the receipt of your purchase and ask the shop to testify for you. Gamers who buy their games will be at ease when they get their games and install them on their respective platforms.

Advantage: Get discounts and bonus items from shops

By buying video games at a regular video game retailer, you have the chance to get some discounts in the near future. Some shops would give big discounts to their patrons in order to let them purchase more games from their place. Others would give some cool collectibles for those who want to collect like figurines, posters, books, and more.

Advantage: Physical copies sometimes come with collectibles

The best part of purchasing legal copies of your favorite video games is getting its special editions that contain great goodies. Steelcases, figurines, artbooks, soundtracks, and more are the many items that gamers can get with these special editions, which they can only get through legal purchases.

Advantage: Official updates from developers

Another advantage of purchasing video games legally is the official updates from the game developers. In this way, it is assured that the video games you have installed will have official fixes and adjustments made by the developers. It is also assured that those games will run properly without doing certain “methods” that would take too long and stressful to do.

Players are also welcome to make and implement their own modifications to the video games with the permission of the developers. Unlike pirated games that need to turn off the internet connection to make it run, legally bought games with official mods can run with or without an internet connection and without interruptions.

Mod designers might even get the chance to sell their mods to the developers or even get absorbed by their team.

Disadvantage: Some downloadable contents are expensive

One of the disadvantages of purchasing video games legally is getting the additional content for some of them or what is usually called as DLC. Some of these DLCs are cheap to purchase, with only a few dollars per download, but there are some that go up to $30. For those who cannot afford such content will have to get a pirated version instead because some installations already have all of the DLCs packaged in it.

Disadvantage: Paying money

Paying money for some video games that poor gamers could not afford is such a burden for them.

Getting a pirated version would be the better choice for them because they will only have to wait for their download to finish and they will just have to go through a few hoops before installing the game into their platforms. They will not get any updates, new content from developers, or proper patches, but at least they can play the game.

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